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Fun culture. Yep! Growth opportunities. Yep! The chance to be a part of an amazing community. Yep! At eBay Inc. you’ll impact the world’s leading ecommerce company.

No matter what part of eBay Inc. you join, you’ll work alongside industry experts and immerse yourself in a culture that thrives on ideas, initiative, and interaction. We offer outstanding opportunities for students and entry level in a number of fields, including technology, finance, strategy, communications, and more—all over the world. No matter where your passion lies, eBay empowers you to realize your goals—and have fun doing it. Come explore your potential and pursue your passion in a job that is as unique as you are.

Technical Opportunities

Do you enjoy solving complex problems? Breaking code or creating automated tools? Analyzing query logs? Our Technical Career Ladder program allows engineers to identify clear paths for advancement and offers training to allow you to build your career as an individual contributor or manager. Technical opportunities are available in Point of Sale, Platform, Mobile, and Search.

  • Point of Sale: A service that allows consumers to decide how to pay for their purchases after they have made them.
  • Platform: The first end-to-end multi-channel commerce technology platform designed for all the ways consumers choose to shop today.
  • Mobile: Stable applications allow for mobile commerce to be a major force in shopping.
  • Search: Thousands of search queries are conducted every second on more than 200 million live listings in eBay’s inventory.

Business Opportunities

Are you interested in building innovative solutions for eBay Inc.’s customers? Contributing to day-to-day decision-making and long-term strategy? Managing projects in market research? Help build the business and take eBay Inc. to the next level! Business opportunities are available in Marketing, Business Development, Finance, Legal, Human Resources, Operations, and Procurement.

As an intern, chances are you're looking to gain experience with a company that lets you tackle real-world challenges. Enter eBay Inc., where you’ll put your marketing, finance, or analytical skills to work in our 10–12 week summer program. As one of our summer interns, you’ll obtain practical work experience at the world’s leading ecommerce company, learning about our brands, our businesses, and our offerings.

You'll kick off the session by meeting with your manager to set objectives. Along the way, you'll connect with senior leaders to discuss potential career paths, have personal career counseling appointments to ensure that you are making the most of your experience, and participate in a variety of activities that allow you to meet your peers and make friends within the eBay network. The program wraps up with a bona fide performance evaluation. All of which add up to résumé-boosting know-how.

Technical Internships

Technical opportunities are available to students currently pursuing a BS, MS, or PhD in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, or Information Technology.

  • Key skills: Java, J2EE, and/or C++, Python Perl, JavaScript, Windows or Unix OS, TCP/IP protocols, and code-level experience on smartphone platform.
  • Example openings include:
  • Information Security Intern
  • Research Associate Intern
  • Software Development Intern

Business Internships

Business opportunities are available to students currently pursuing a BS, BA, or MBA.

  • Key skills: Quantitative analysis, communication, analytics, consulting, investment banking, and finance.
  • Example openings include:
  • Business Strategy Intern
  • Financial Analyst Intern
  • Trust and Marketing Intern

Interested? Search internship opportunities now.

The world’s leading e-commerce company, eBay Inc. brings together a family of brands that are revolutionizing shopping as we know it. At eBay Inc. you will be immersed in an amazing community with a fun culture that thrives on innovation, initiative, and interaction. We offer outstanding opportunities for students and entry level in a broad range of fields.

Please note: If you experience difficulty when applying via your mobile device, please use your tablet or computer to complete the registration and application process.


As a recently graduated MBA you could be working in a number of key areas including Strategic Projects, Analytics Projects, or Risk Management Projects . You will play an integral role in the strategy and management of the business side of the company. The position is highly visible and will involve frequent interaction with the senior executive team.


At eBay Inc., we create products that our customers use every day to shop, run their businesses or make their purchases. We thrive on making these experiences simple, intuitive and contemporary. We are interested in people who can define great experiences, simplify complex ideas, balance between analytical and creative thinking, and shape the digital future while advocating fiercely for the customer experience. We love user experience, we love research, we love technology and we love our customers. Does that sound like you? Become part of our team!


At eBay, our systems scale to billions of transactions per day, and we run our site 24x7 with 99.99% reliability. We have more than 30 million lines of J2EE / Java based source code. We are leaders in cloud computing, SOA, search, and many other specialties. We love technology, open source, and interacting with the industry.


As a key contributor to eBay Inc.’s platform, the successful candidate will work on the design and implementation of eBay’s next generation application platform that powers eBay’s engineering community. Work with fellow engineers, architects, managers, as well as QA, Load & Performance, and Operations teams to develop innovative solutions and high quality products that meet market needs with respect to functionality, performance, scalability, and reliability.


This individual will wear multiple hats as part of the Mobile Development team including participating in design, build and testing of mobile efforts. During release cycles, the candidate may be asked to do mobile device testing for our eBay mobile applications.


eBay, Inc.’s Platform Teams provide functionality for the company’s internal and external clients. It serves as the backbone for most of eBay’s ecommerce products and services. With hundreds of discrete applications running in a distributed environment and hundreds more getting built, eBay continues to push the limit of Service Oriented Architecture. Our open source SOA stack (http://turmeric) is used to drive 200+ services handling 10+ billion calls per day. As a team, we are experts in Java and concurrent programming, and are proud of our internal knowledge, technology breadth, and intellectual curiosity.


A Quality Engineer will contribute to the testing, performance analysis of complex, multi-tier distributed software applications. The candidate will be expected to show high potential to learn and participate in various test automation activities trying to break the software. Work under the guidance of staff and principal engineers to execute component, functional, integration, performance and reliability tests. Be wiling to work in scrum/agile mode interacting with the Development, Product Owner, Scrum master, QA engineers, DBAs, and Operations teams to test, analyze application features and their impact on the performance of the overall system. Play a key role in the development of test automation and workflow frameworks and tools development.


Product Managers at eBay Inc. are data-driven decision makers. The candidate will perform analysis or mining of data, evangelize the insights drawn from the data analysis and work with developers to define features based on these insights. As a Product Manager you will be focused on ensuring the aggressive expansion of eBay Inc.’s business, helping to explore key opportunities for growth, creating a stellar customer experience and supporting all aspects of the business. You will partner with employees from all backgrounds and organizational leaders.


A successful candidate working with the eBay Inc. finance team will be responsible for planning and reporting on financials, transaction loss and operating expenses. The candidate will also partner with financial analysts responsible for risk management to understand the monthly financial process, operating rhythm, and business insights.


A successful candidate joining the Risk Management team will help to manage the operational risk under an enterprise risk framework to minimize the total company cost over time. The candidate will be responsible for creating an online help system, creating automated scorecards and identifying & implementing process improvements.


In this exciting and challenging opportunity, the successful candidate will join eBay’s Communication and PR team. This individual will get to work on internal and external communications, press inquiries, media relations programs and events. We’re looking for someone who is a self-starter, quick learner and ready to work on some fun and interesting projects including media monitoring and analysis and press material development amongst others.


You are a client-focused professional who responds to and resolves employee inquiries by utilizing knowledge management tools and partnering with other professionals across the organization. You will be an advocate for employees and maintain a focus on evolving and improving the employee experience with HR policies, processes and programs. You will act as a liaison with Centers of Excellence, Talent Acquisition, Benefits, Payroll and Compensation to resolve complex issues.


The position will be part of a global analytics organization with many options for future career growth at eBay Inc. We're looking for analysts who go above and beyond simply providing reports and analyses to consulting on product design and customer experience. This person will generate insights by conducting extensive analyses of eBay’s rich data. In the process, this person will develop a deep understanding of the Marketplaces businesses and eBay.com site functionality, further strengthen their analytic, leadership, and presentation skills, and gain exposure to a wide variety of functional teams within eBay.


The Data Management organization is a global organization transforming the data landscape to enable eBay Inc’s vision. The Data Management team helps us deliver products and services driven by the massive amounts of data that we create both internally and externally. There are a variety of roles in these groups. Some roles offers a blend of Hadoop internals, distributed data platforms, and data analytics skills. Some roles offer a blend of large scale massively parallel data platforms, database technology, data modeling, and data analytics skills. Join us and help build a talented team that will enable eBay's data driven business.


Our Research team works on a wide range of cutting edge projects. You may assist in building high performance distributed systems for large scale indexing, search, data collection and aggregation at the world's largest online marketplace. Or you might join a core team of machine learning engineers and scientists for an opportunity to build solutions for managing and mining big data.

While the details may vary by position, here are a few tips for applying to—and interviewing for—positions at eBay Inc.

How To Apply

Step 1: Perfect your résumé

Make sure to list all of your relevant experience—including classes and projects at school and any extracurricular activities of note. Review and make any updates to your contact information so that recruiters know how to reach you. Finally, be sure to reread everything and fix any errors, or ideally, have someone proofread for you.

Step 2: Register online

Provide information about your skills and aspirations, and then let our automated system match you with positions that fit. You can also search for positions based on job type, office location, or other variables.

Step 3: Submit your résumé

Step 4: (optional) Attend an event

The eBay University Recruiting team visits a number of college campuses. Check the calendar to see when we’ll be in your area. You can also connect with eBay campus reps or students at your school who have been interns at eBay and can give you the inside scoop.

Even if we don’t visit your school, we still want to hear from you. Submit your résumé online and take the time to fill out your profile. Be thorough and accurate—the more detail you provide, the better your chances of finding a role that matches your interests.

Campus Calendar

Find out when eBay is coming to visit you!

Interview Process

Expect the recruiting process to include at least two interviews. First round interviews take place over the phone or on your university’s campus. Second-round interviews take place either on the phone or on-site at eBay.

The interview process gives you the chance to impress our teams. Come prepared to discuss the highlights on your résumé, your strengths, expertise, projects you have worked on, and any extracurricular activities. Be prepared to give examples that showcase your skills. It’s also important to prepare meaningful questions so you can get to know us as well. Be sure to dress business casual (consult your career center for clarification), be yourself, and don’t hold back!