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eBay Inc. consists of dozens of brands in hundreds of countries employing tens of thousands of people worldwide.

But as big as we are, we know that it all comes down to ONE. One interaction. One idea. One individual. Without these singulars, there can be no collective whole.

Each and every one of us at eBay Inc. brings something unique to the table. Together, we transform on the way people think about ecommerce.

Discover some of the ways we empower people around the world through the work we do at eBay Inc.


Process Improvement Manager Global, Account Management Operations eBay Inc., Draper, Utah

My road to joining eBay Inc. actually started at my previous employer, where I had the unique opportunity of spending a day with John Donahoe. During this visit, we had a conversation about the ongoing power of eBay. I remember he said specifically, “We will never be in the business of competing with our sellers.” This statement made me realize the power and potential of the eBay brand and the internal strength of eBay and its employees. Two months later, I was working at eBay. Today, I truly consider myself an employee first, a customer second, and a shareholder third. Is it everything I’d hoped it would be? Absolutely. The opportunities and benefits make working at eBay a no-brainer!


Associate General Counsel, Commercial, Product, and Real Estate eBay Inc., San Jose, CA

As a team leader, I am thrilled and humbled to work with a group of very experienced legal professionals. They provide efficient, proactive, and practical guidance to our business clients every day on commercial and product projects. This, in turn, allows the business to thrive and grow. I strive toward making sure eBay Inc. is a great place to work by contributing to dozens of office, customer service, and development facilities around the world. We even built two data centers. When I first started with the company, eBay facilities housed about 7,000 people. By the end of this year, we will be home to about 30,000 people around the globe. People at eBay welcome my judgment and contribution—they even laugh at my lame jokes!


Head of Strategy and Analytics, Kijiji Canada Kijiji, Toronto, Canada

At Kijiji, we’re working on new business models. That means there is no standard playbook for many issues we’re tackling. As an example, we’re seeing a profound shift online towards social, mobile, and local, and we’re busy strategizing on how we can capitalize on this. We run very complex marketplaces—where changes in one area can cascade down to another and the impact is not always quickly evident. The analysis I provide identifies business trends, develops insights, and creates actionable solutions so we can grow all aspects of trade and revenue.


EUCS Process Improvement Manager, EU Customer Support eBay Customer Support, Dublin, Ireland

eBay Inc. is a highly fluid company where change is the norm. The need to remain flexible—to meet the evolving needs of our colleagues, our customers, our businesses, and the market as a whole—comes with the territory. Working in process improvement means listening to those needs and reacting—sometimes very quickly—so that everyone can perform at their best. eBay invests significantly in hearing the voices of its employees. This commitment to implement change based on employee input empowers the workforce and makes for an exciting and dynamic environment.


Software Engineer—Lead, eBay Technology Operations eBay Inc., San Jose, CA

In just four months, I am already in a position where my technical and soft skills are valued. I have delivered a critical project and signed up for another important project which will further my growth. I have the freedom to innovate and use new technologies, while working alongside the best team members. Keeping live 24/7 with 99.999999% up time and many dynamic changes to applications is very challenging. There are so many opportunities within eBay Inc. The executive team is very energetic, and they want to see the company growth as exponential. This is a place to enjoy rewarding work, and have fun doing it.


Head of Merchant Services PayPal, Madrid, Spain

I came to PayPal because I wanted to be connected with my customers and my team, and to do things that would make a real difference. I was also looking for autonomy and a place where I could have a real impact. PayPal’s fast pace and energy suit me perfectly. My job involves lots of meetings and relationship building, and we’ve had a lot of success with getting some big customers and brands on board. Most of all, I appreciate the flexibility I’m given here at PayPal. I can satisfy my appetite for hard work—and still pick up my kids from school.


Head of Business Development PayPal, Scandinavia

I’m based in Stockholm, and my job involves two areas of activity: business development, looking at partnerships and merchant acquisitions; and consumer engagement projects, looking at potential new business areas. Working for PayPal has been more than I expected. There are more opportunities available, and the company is very open to learning and developing an individual as a whole. PayPal is not a place that sets limits. It is a place where your passion and energy—and your ability to face challenges—will make you successful.


Senior Manager, Strategic & Business Development PayPal, UK

I joined PayPal in September 2005 as employee number 5! Since then, the company and I have evolved together. Obviously, PayPal has grown, but it still feels very much like a start-up—with a well-known brand mentality. My role, too, has evolved and is always changing. At the moment, my team is looking after large ecommerce providers and strategic partners. It’s fast paced and driven—but we’re all in this together and we all want it to succeed. Working here is more like a fun ride than a job. Yes, it’s intense—you’ve got to be quick thinking and quick on your feet. But, we’re also encouraged to switch off, so that we can come back reenergized and reconnected.


Enterprise Account Manager, eBay International AG eBay Inc., Dreilinden, Germany

In my role, I am responsible for growing the businesses in my client portfolio. Once they have been boarded onto the platform, my job is to scale them so that, together, we hit our sales targets. Conducting data analysis as well as caring for my sellers is a must—and that’s what I like about the job. Being able to watch my portfolio—and my sellers’ businesses—grow is what makes my job rewarding. The culture at eBay Inc. is open minded and flexible, and there is also a great team spirit. It’s a great company to work for!


Seller Access Senior Manager, Managed Marketplaces eBay Inc., London

When I joined eBay Inc., I was looking for a company that was a leader in the ecommerce space. What attracted me to eBay specifically is its community feeling and the social impact it has—thanks to eBay, entrepreneurs around the world can make a living. Now that I’m here, I also appreciate the rapid pace at which everything happens. Market trends and consumers’ expectations evolve fast in an increasingly competitive environment. eBay not only thrives to meet those expectations, but also leads the way in setting new trends. Working here is exciting: it entails being self-driven, analytical, and sociable. The culture is really friendly and down to earth. People here are results-oriented and appreciative of each other’s work.


Supervisor, Customer Service eBay, Dreilinden, Germany

As a Customer Service Supervisor, I’m involved in new projects and responsible for operational targets, but I’m also in charge of motivating and supporting my team. If they are able to perform at their best, we are able to reach our targets. It is a very fast business—always changing—and there is no time to get used to processes. But the company culture is very appreciative. eBay Inc. is a company where values are not just written down, they are performed by everybody. I am impressed by how much eBay does for its employees—to keep them healthy, motivated, and challenged. You can’t find a better place.


Senior Visual Designer, Verticals & preVIZ eBay Marketplaces, San Jose, CA

eBay Inc. empowers designers. We’re not just here to make the sites function and look better, we are encouraged to create and ignite future ideas for the company. On any given day, you may find me solving UI issues, designing for various projects, or brainstorming new ideas and creating new tools for the future of eBay. Being able to take initiatives to the next level and to work with fun and talented people—these are the things that make working at eBay so exciting.


Logistics Manager eBay Enterprise, Manchester

I have been given the opportunity to build from scratch a strong shipping and logistics department within eBay Enterprise International. I have been offered amazing opportunities to work on new initiatives and have always been encouraged to deliver my best through mentoring and training provided by the company. I love to see new ideas and projects implemented, and I am given a great deal of freedom to do this within our fast-paced organization. With the right attitude, your career here will only be limited by your imagination.


Director of Innovation, Europe, Middle East & Africa PayPal, London

I run the Innovations and Technology group—which started with just me. There are now 30 of us in Europe, all building the future for PayPal. My role gives me the opportunity to push the boundaries of where PayPal can go—from mobiles to TVs, cars, and even fridges—anywhere your imagination can take you. I’ve worked for many major dotcoms, but I didn’t want to work for a big corporation with ‘suits.’ This is like being in a start-up with money. You get the freedom to work on what you need to, and to be the way you are. There aren’t many places where you can play with the latest technology and help create things that change the world instantly.


Director, Market Leader, Turkey PayPal, Istanbul, Turkey

PayPal started up in Turkey at the end of 2010, and the prospect of building something up from scratch really appealed to me. It’s a very entrepreneurial role. What we’re doing here is helping to grow PayPal, the Turkish economy, and ecommerce at large. My focus is very much on making this work—and it feels so far that it will be one of my greatest accomplishments—a story to proudly tell when I am old.


VP and General Manager, Central Europe, Middle East, and Africa PayPal, Paris

My job is to manage a portfolio of countries that offer significant but different opportunities for growth beyond ecommerce. I do that by surrounding myself with a group of very talented senior professionals—very diverse in their skills, culture, and background—and by frequently traveling across the region. Outside of work, I sail. What I do reminds me of a crew. Everybody knows what they have to do. They can change roles and be at the helm themselves, but there is no such thing as a successful skipper—it’s all about the crew.


Head of Finance, UK PayPal, London

I head up a team of energetic, motivated people who thrive on challenge and change. The pace and mentality at which we work and think is very quick. But that means you can stand out. We’re paving the way for online and offline commerce, thinking outside the box and coming up with ideas that are unconventional. In finance, the numbers are numbers and the formulas never change—what’s different is the way we apply them to develop and grow the business.


BSR, Customer Solutions Agent eBay Inc. Draper, Utah

I love helping our customers. They really do appreciate it, and they express it very openly. We help them improve their business and lives. eBay Inc. is a huge company with many employees, but it’s still a fun place to come to work. Bagel day, free soda, all-hands meetings, dress-up days—I even had the opportunity to go to eBay on Location in Florida to meet some of our members face-to-face. It was awesome! eBay is always changing. You have to accept that and realize you will never know everything—you just have to always be willing to learn.


Operation Support Specialist Top Customer Care eBay Marketplaces, Draper, Utah

It’s truly awesome to be a part of a company that helps so many people. We help people feed their families, put themselves through school, and even realize their dream of being their own business owner. We’re more than a website; we’re a community. An amazing, unique, diverse, ever-evolving, always-changing, never-stopping, 365/24/7, buying, selling, hard-working, innovating, viable, powerful community.


eBay Inc. at Mobile World Congress

eBay Inc. at Mobile World Congress


PayPal Global Operations
Center – EMEA

PayPal Global Operations Center – EMEA


eBay Product Development Team

eBay Product Development Team